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A.C.E., Inc., Skip Tracing is a licensed and bonded investigation company specializes in finding and locating people of interest. We are also widely known for ascertaining personal and private information as it relates to the person of interest and particular legal matters. Our experience performing nationwide skip trace services extends to all locations within the United States.

We come from a background when there were no computers and skip trace services were primary performed by utilizing paper resources at libraries, government archives, the courts any other locations where we found verifiable information.

As the years passed, we adapted to the advent of technology. We went back to school, purchased computers, and learned how to find and navigate information from the internet which only offered limited access.

It took many years for the courts to digitalize their records, libraries and the government agencies went through similar changes to transition from paper to digital records. All along we continued to offer our skip trace services while at the same time growing with the rapidly changing world of gathering information about people of interest from as many resources as possible.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to grow with the digital world and the legal profession of skip tracing for Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Private Investigators, Process Servers, and many other businesses. We take our 100 plus years of experience, our knowledge and abilities and combine them with the data and technology we are proficient at.

Our roots are based in finding elusive debtors, defendants and witnesses who intentionally evade legal proceedings and avoid debt collectors. As Licensed Private Investigators and Nationwide Process Servers, our experience is extensive and what we can do for you by way of personalized services is far more productive that any database service. When you make the decision to hire us to assist with finding that important person, we will diligently work with you, consult, and guide you through the experience of finding the person you need to communicate with and or effectuate service of process upon.

We are a twenty-five years young licensed private investigation agency (License Number A9900347) that uses "A.C.E., Inc." as its trade name and is the acronym for our full name. We are formally named and incorporated as, "Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation." We are managed by our founder who is a veteran of the investigation world and one of the most successful and popular Skip Tracers in the nation.

Who Specifically Are We?

We are the Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation, a Nationwide Skip Tracing and Process Serving Services Corporation since 1999, better known as, and herein after referred to as, "A. C. E., Inc.” We are licensed, bonded and insured Private Investigators who emphasize and offer qualified clients our expert skip tracing services, maily for the purpose of serving legal process. When performing skip tracing services, we attempt to obtain and provide up to date skip tracing information, accurate data, and real time results.

"A. C. E., Inc." makes no warranties or representations, expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose as to the accuracy of data, information provided, and the results. "A. C. E., Inc." cannot be liable for any reason whatsoever and cannot be responsible for any damages of any kind. You agree to indemnify and hold "A. C. E., Inc. " harmless for all damages, claims, or losses suffered by "A. C. E., Inc. " because of third-party claims relating to your use of data or information provided to you from "A. C. E., Inc." In addition, you agree to pay all legal fees, court expenses and, related miscellaneous expenses on behalf of "A. C. E., Inc." should any mediation, negotiations, depositions, meetings and or lawsuit arise. All data and information are obtained from a multitude of sources which "A. C. E., Inc." has no control. Data or information may be limited and, in some cases, not current. None of the above disclaimers are meant to supersede any governing laws and or pertinent regulations.

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