Directory of Qualified Investigators who Specialize in Skip Tracing.


Skip tracing services performed by licensed and experienced specialists at locating people, finding information, and confirming address information.


We have access to and utilize database services that offer real time technology and information about people that is unavailable to the public.


With over one hundred years of combined skip tracing, investigation experience, and as an established business for twenty five years, you are in great company with us.


A.C.E., Inc is an established skip tracing agency. Our expertise with skip tracing matters are focused on finding and locating people, obtaining information, and working closely with our clients.

Who are A.C.E., Inc Nationwide Skip Tracers?

We are a twenty five year old licensed and bonded Florida investigation company that specializes in skip tracing, finding, and locating people of interest. Our roots are based in finding elusive debtors, defendants and witnesses who intentionally evade legal proceedings.

As licensed Private Investigators and Nationwide Skip Tracers, our experience is extensive and what we can do for you by way of personalized services is far more productive that any database service you may decide to use. When working with an A.C.E. Skip Tracer you will be assigned a knowledgeable investigator who will assist with finding the person you have an interest in.

"A.C.E., Inc Skip Tracers is our nationwide go to skip trace vendor whenever we need assistance with locating witnesses and defendants for serving legal documents. Our fifteen year relationship is professional, productive, and very successful. A.C.E., Inc Skip Tracing Services is our preferred go to resource when we need personal and quick location services."
Elizabeth, Security and Exchange Commission

Thank you for stopping by and visiting our skip trace website. Hopefully, this website will provide you some insights into why you are better off not using a generic database for skip tracing services for urgent and legal matters. We are in the business of providing skillful investigative services on behalf of our clients. When we are working with you, you will realize why we have been able to become the leading nationwide skip tracing agency in America. It is our tenacity, willingness to go beyond what is expected, and skilled abilities that will give you peace of mind and the results you are seeking.

Nationwide Skip Tracing and Information Services

Locating People of Interest

Skip Tracing services directed at locating and finding people of interest is not a science, but it is an art. Most successful skip tracing experts are among the most creative thinkers in the legal profession. While many use simple and inexpensive data base service with some success, there is nothing about data base services that offer the personalized attention and the depths of efforts a professional and experienced skip tracer goes way beyond the impersonal experience of filling out a form and getting back automated results. We are the opposite of a database information company. The difference is we are license investigators who bring skills and experience that no algorithms and database services can offer you.

Find People and Unmask Contact Information

We have access to and utilize all of the data resources available to licensed professional skip tracers. Actually, being a licensed agency, we are permitted to access data that is unavailable to the public. Our experience analyzing, finding and utilizing personal and private data to find people has escalated our agency to be known as one of the best skip tracing agencies in America.

Personalized Tracer Services and Direct Contact Assured

Our locating services are rendered by experienced and skilled skip tracers. Though we utilize advanced data technology, more than half of our skillful services are performed by a live skip tracer. Some would say we handle services and work with or clients the good old fashion way, by speaking and partnering with obtaining results.

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