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Clayton, Alabama Skip Tracers, Experts at Providing Due Diligence Search Services.

Listed Skip Tracers in our directory are experienced at due diliegnce services, especially matter involving court proceedings

Listed Skip Tracers specialize in Clayton, Alabama Diligent Services, which involves Extensive Search Efforts to Locate People of Interest

Diligent Search Services:

· Exclusive Skip Tracers Affidavit of Due Diligence Search Services.

· Clayton, Alabama Skip Tracing Services for Attorneys who Require Due Diligence and Legally-Binding Search Results.

· Exhaustive Skip Trace Services Resulting in a Sworn Affidavit of Due Diligence and Proof of Diligence that a Particular Person or Entity Cannot be Found.

When needing an irrefutable diligent search service that will substantiate your legal proceedings with a iron clad affidavit, contact us, we will help.

There are Four Types of Diligent Search Affidavits, One for Each of the Following Types of Subjects:

1. Natural Persons

2. Corporations

3. Unknown Parties

4. Parties Doing Business Under a Corporate Name

Diligent Search Services (D.S.S.™) are offered by Listed Skip Tracers specializing in diligence services. They provide accurate and comprehensive diligence services on behalf of Attorneys and their clients. If or when a person cannot be found in America a thorough statutory Affidavit of Diligence or a Not Found Affidavit, meeting specific court required criteria, is provided. Professional sworn Not Found Affidavits of Diligence are provided by our in-house licensed Skip Tracer.

Affidavit of Due Diligence

An Affidavit of Due Diligence is a sworn statement; a person can be found guilty of perjury if she / he submits a false, inaccurate or misleading statement in a Due Diligence Affidavit. Our Affidavit of Due Diligence is submitted by a licensed Skip Tracer stating the efforts made to find or did not find the subject. Due diligence generally means that the Skip Tracer tried extensively to locate a subject by accessing information discoverable through diligent efforts involving court records, motor vehicles records, military records, social media, police records, public and private records, and many more.

Some Possible Issues

Affidavits of due diligence are not appropriate in every situation, and the exact form may vary by state. Diligence is a critical component to legal proceedings, and failing to find or locate a person of interest could have severe legal and financial implications on the parties involved. Before using or submitting an affidavit of due diligence, a professional skip tracer will work closely with you to make sure the diligence is proper and comprehensive.


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